Shiksha Tech Stack Migration

  1. Frontend : ReactJS/NodeJS
  2. Backend : Microservices/Java
One thing at a time rule
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Opportunity to Improve

Reasons to Opt ReactJS for Frontend Development

  1. Faster Development with Reusable Components
  2. Build Reactive Apps with Virtual DOM
  3. Simplify Coding with Declarative Programming
  4. Build Creative UI using Javascript
  5. Easy Integration of ReactJS in Existing Code
  6. Strong Community for Support during Development
% of developers who are developing with the language or technology and have expressed interest in continuing to develop with
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Why Monoliths are Bad Design ?

  • Fault Tolerance : Loosely Coupled .One service wont bring the whole system down .
  • Granular Scalability : Scale only parts that require more resources.
  • Rapid Deployments : Independently Deployable / Lower cognitive load .
  • Development Scaling : New developers find hard to work autonomously on a giant, monolithic, tightly coupled code base .
  • Focused Team Organisation : Organized around business/domain capabilities (DDD) .
  • Flexible Tech Stack : Ability to choose right stack according to problem statement + Easier to modernize tech stack in future.
  • Lower Latencies : Ability to cache BE services output helps reduce latency as well as provides ability to serve more traffic with similar hardware.

What have we achieved

  1. Separation of Concerns
  2. Independent Scaling : Only microservices/database of concerned modules needs to be scaled.
  3. Smaller and faster deployments
  4. Improved fault isolation: Larger applications can remain mostly unaffected by the failure of a single module.
  5. Provide app-like experience with PWA + Microservices.
  6. Moving away from Legacy Code(Biggest pain for a developer ;) )
  7. Improved Google Page Insights Scores.

Challenges Faced

  1. Adapting New Technology comes with its Learning Curve.
  2. Setting standards for newly adaptive technology in terms of coding practices, DOs, DONTs.
  3. Debugging and error fixing improved over-time with experience.
  1. Shiksha Front End Stack Migration
  2. Shiksha Backend Stack Migration

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