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What is performance testing?

It is a non-functional testing technique performed to determine the system parameters in terms of responsiveness and stability under various workload. Performance testing measures the quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage.

Performance testing in Shiksha

Below performance testing techniques are used in Shiksha

Sitespeed is a complete web performance tool that helps to measure the performance of your website. It test web sites using real browsers, simulating real user’s connectivity and collect important user centric metrics like Speed Index and First Visual Render etc.

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In this article, we will discuss the input[type=” range ”]. The default range input defined by the browser looks very simple, so for frequent use, we need to customize or style the range input which has been used to display numeric data in our project.

The new HTML5 range input gives you a slider component. This is an input where you select a value from a slider with the thumb on it.
The HTML code of the input range slider looks like -

<div class=”wrapper”>
<input type=”range” min=”0" max=”100" id=”score” />
<label for=”score”>Exam Score</label>

The range is one of…

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Author: Deepanshu Galyan

UI development is the process of developing components with which users can interact on front-end of a website/software application. This process of UI development includes the HTML and CSS development of the component, i.e. how it will appear on the user screen. However, UI development is no easy process and in large websites/software applications, UI development poses numerous challenges. Most of the complex/common challenges are listed below:

Author : Geetu Sadana

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Looking into building up an end to end solution for API testing, Postman being a rest client not a DB client was a big challenge. So we need a Middleware to communicate from Postman to DB directly. So this is how it works -

RESTFUL layer <> Middle layer <> Database

Extensive R&D was performed to establish DB connection via postman as not much information was available on the internet.

This can be resolved by installing the Apache Drill framework. It is an open source SQL query engine for Big Data exploration.


Author : Geetu Sadana

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Newman is a command line Collection Runner for Postman. It allows you to run and test a Postman Collection directly from the command line. It is built with extensibility in mind so that we can easily integrate it with continuous integration servers and build systems.

Once we have set up all our collections and written tests for them, it may be tedious to go through them one by one and click send in postman to see if a given collection test passes. This is where Newman comes in. …

Author : Geetu Sadana

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Postman is a powerful tool used to test web services. It offers a simple user-friendly interface. User just needs to enter the request URL, fill in the necessary headers and body, select the HTTP method, and hit the ‘send’ button.

List of various advanced features of postman

Collection Runner

Collections are a great way of storing requests in postman. They are basically tools for arranging pre-built requests that can be organized into folders and can be easily exported and shared with others. …

Author : Vidushi Bhadola

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Postman is a collaboration platform for API development and testing. It provides a simple UI interface where one can directly hit API requests and gather responses and run various tests on the response of the API. In the scope of testing, Postman can be used for Automated Testing as well as Exploratory Testing.


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Author: Deepanshu Galyan

Most of the CMS applications revolve around the CRUD operations. The most opted way to display the data in CMS applications is using the LIST view. Therefore, it provides a strong use case to build a common code to render your list and handle list-related operations including pagination, rendering of each tuple, selection of tuple, deletion of the tuple, exporting the list as CSV sheet, and so on. …

Author : Gaurav Jham & Dheeraj Kumar Jha

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What is Solr?

Solr is an open-source enterprise-search platform, written in Java, from the Apache Lucene project. Solr is highly scalable, ready to deploy, search engine that can handle large volumes of text-centric data.The purpose of Apache Solr is to index and search large amounts of web content and give relevant content based on search query.

Its major features include full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, real-time indexing, dynamic clustering, database integration, NoSQL features and rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling.

Need for Solr Automation

In Solr, to verify data for each module manually is a…

Shiksha Social Signup

Frontend aspects of Social Signup

Author : Abhishek Baliyan

There aren’t many sites that let you perform some action until you get registered with them. To enhance a user’s experience and customise some things to his/her likings, the website ought to get the user registered. So, it is safe to assume that a user’s journey on a website starts with a registration form. You can say that registration forms give the first impression of a website.

Recently at Shiksha, we had the opportunity to write code from scratch in React in order to migrate our entire registration and response codebase…

Shiksha Engineering

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